When Harry Met Rooky

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Got chatting to this monk the other day. Didn't catch his name, so for the sake of the story we'll call him Harry. The conversation* went something like this. Rooky: Being a monk must take a lot of self-control - no booze, no sex. So what makes virile young men (like yourself) pass up SE… Continue reading When Harry Met Rooky

Drop your Angkor, weigh your thoughts…

The House of The Rising Sun (2013)

Cambodia, a perplexing place - one day you're watching the sunrise over the "8th wonder of the world". The next, you're standing in the middle of the killing fields shocked by the evil humans are capable of. After a month on the beaches of Goa I can handle sightseeing again. So we fly to the… Continue reading Drop your Angkor, weigh your thoughts…

South India Road Trip

To Kill A Sunrise (2013)

Coming from Singapore, India's like a different world; cows at bus stops, blokes in skirts*, people eating with their hands, shoeless pedestrians on dirty roads, entire families on one motorbike (sans helmets), regular power cuts, straight men holding hands, and incessant car horns during my siesta. It took a while to acclimatise. Three days into… Continue reading South India Road Trip

A Town Called George

Show Me The Way (2013)

After 2 and half weeks on Borneo, where it’s all wildlife and trees. It was time to get back to a proper city; 5 days in George Town, Penang was just the ticket. One of the first things I noticed was the amount of street art. Most of it painted by a Lithuanian fella (Ernest… Continue reading A Town Called George