When Harry Met Rooky

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Got chatting to this monk the other day. Didn't catch his name, so for the sake of the story we'll call him Harry. The conversation* went something like this. Rooky: Being a monk must take a lot of self-control - no booze, no sex. So what makes virile young men (like yourself) pass up SE… Continue reading When Harry Met Rooky

These Buddhists might be onto something…

My trips to Big Buddha and the A-Ma Temple got me thinking about this Buddhist teaching I came across a few years ago. It's the only one I know, but to me it makes perfect sense. Don't believe anything simply because you have heard it. Don't believe anything simply because it's spoken by many. Don't… Continue reading These Buddhists might be onto something…

The Wisdom of the “Fool”

The Fool on the Hill (2013)

  Visiting Big Buddha* reminded me of that old Beatles tune - The Fool on the Hill**. Not because he's a fool, but because people don't seem to be taking much notice of him. In a place where Buddhism is the most popular religion, I find it ironic that there's so much consumerism going on.… Continue reading The Wisdom of the “Fool”