…trouble with Spain

From the day we’re born, our families, friends, and society form expectations about our future and the way we should lead our lives.

As social animals, it’s in our nature to look for acceptance. Many of us go with the flow – crafting reputations that hide our true selves. While others swim against this tide, express their individuality, and question whether the mainstream narrative is in their best interests.

Each generation is presented with the same challenge. Which traditions and societal norms to uphold, and which to cast aside in favour of “progress”?

Inspired by the poem ‘trouble with Spain’ by Charles Bukowski. This series of layered images uses Madrid’s historic businesses – “Comercios Centenarios” – as a metaphor to question the dualistic notion of conformity and authenticity.

Photo taken between February and March 2020. The project was part of a Documentary Photography & Reportage at IED Master Madrid.