There’s plenty of blogs out there written by people who decided to give work the elbow and go “traveling” instead. Welcome to another one.

After nearly 10 years commuting up the Brighton mainline to London, I too decided to escape the Smithers-Jones lifestyle, and head out to where the pavement meets the sand.

Having developed a penchant for travel, and with much of Europe already visited, we’ve decided to up the ante and live and work abroad for a while. Our plan is to spend 6 months backpacking in SE Asia and India. Before relocating to Melbourne, where we’ll look for work and spend a few years in the sun.

Accompanied by a slightly over excited Chinese doris*, I’ll be enjoying the freedom and hopefully putting my energies into something a little more creative.

People tell me that this will be a life changing experience. So in case they’re right and in the interests of posterity, I’ll be writing this blog.

Move over Alan Whicker!

*The Urban Dictionary’s definition of Doris

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