half-life – a brief period during which something flourishes before dying out. In the late 90s, with the ban on tobacco advertising approaching, a well-known cigarette manufacturer ran a semi-subliminal advertising campaign. By combining American landscapes with cryptic phrases, they aimed to bemuse target smokers, and occupy their thoughts after they’d turned the page. This […]

Brain Cell

Expressing your opinion in 21st century is not as straight forward as it used to be. Questioning the socio-political consensus comes at a price and the perceived cost of holding opposing views is too high for some. Self-censorship is on the rise. The internal struggle can feel like being in a cognitive jail cell. Sometimes […]

What Matters Most

For Bukowski, life was not all champagne and skittles. There were school bullies, dead end jobs, nights sleeping rough, back alley fights, jail-time, whores, hangovers and hardships. But through it all was a crazy kind of contentment. What mattered most to Hank was how well you walk through the fire.

Pioneer or Pariah

When a British citizen is plucked from the streets in the morning, sentenced and incarcerated in the afternoon. The terms political prisoner and enemy of the state don’t seem out of place. Especially when the charges are civil and not criminal. The groundswell of public support and the total castigation from the media coverage also […]

Act Like Nothing's Wrong

Act Like Nothing’s Wrong

The world’s problems are systemic. The systems are complex. Those in charge don’t understand them. So they lie. We know it. They know it. And they know we know it. Its a post truth world where emotions come first. Angry people click more. But do they come up with solutions? Time will tell. But for […]

I’m Here In My Mold

The songs that play in your head when you’re learning sculpture. You know I can’t change, I can’t changeI can’t change, I can’t changeBut I’m here in my moldI am here in my moldAnd I’m a million different peopleFrom one day to the nextI can’t change my moldNo, no, no, no, no– Richard Ashcroft (The […]