Thats me in the corner
Thats me in the corner…

If you’re looking for the Rookster… You found him.


Born in Brighton, England. I was a boy about town until the Smithers-Jones lifestyle sucked me in, and turned me into someone I did not want to be.

So, in 2013 (with the missus in tow) we left our Revolutionary Road, and headed out to where the pavement turns to sand. It was on this trip of India & SE Asia that I started writing and taking pictures.

I'm here in my mould
I’m here in my mould…

For me, photography and writing is about editing – what to leave in, what to leave out, when to share, and when not too. These choices show me what I’m thinking, and the things I find important.

These days I live in Melbourne and work an office job, to support my creative habit. I’m currently working on several small projects and photo books.

Ben Rook (theRookster)

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