It’s been a while since my last post. So let me fill you in.

When we wrapped up the backpacking we headed for a 6 week stint with the in-laws and Chinese New Year Macanese style. They’re a family that like their grub and Macau’s hospitality is top drawer. I fit right in. Only trouble is, the food’s so nice mealtime left me feeling like a fois gras duck (stuffed).

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Being a mono-linguist the daily discourse is a step too far. Which was handy, ‘cos it gave me a pass to do my own thing – the gym, library and local coffee shops became my sanctuaries. I only got summoned when there was a dinner to be eaten, or an item to be retrieved from the top shelf.

I wanted us to stay in Macau for a decent length of time. Family and friends are among the most important things in life. And having nabbed their daughter for the best part of a decade. It was about time I shared the wealth.

One of the more pleasing aspects of our trip was watching the wife share the experience with her mother. Her heart condition has prevented her travelling in recent years. So showing her the world via the wonders of modern technology was a bonus.


It was soon time to move onto Melbourne. Our plan was to find jobs and a place to live, and explore Australasia at our leisure. Two weeks in, and things are going well; we’ve signed a 6 month lease on a flat in Fitzroy and are waiting for the nod from a couple of job interviews.

…But life’s not all champagne and skittles.

And a month after saying hello to our new home. I’m back in Macau saying an emotional goodbye to the best mother in law a bloke could wish for. She was special. Our inability to converse never affected our rapport. I have so many happy memories. I miss her.

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So it’s been a subdued start to life down under. Times like these are a kind of wake-up call. A reminder that growing old is a privilege not everyone gets to enjoy. We’re here for a good time not a long time.